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Will my insurance cover naturopathic fees?

Dr. Rivard is an in-network provider for Cigna, SchoolCare, NGS Coresource and Harvard Pilgrim health plans. Please check with your plan administrator to better understand your specific plan’s benefits and copayment responsibilities. For other types of insurance, payment is due in full at the time of service, but Dr. Rivard can provide you with a coded bill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement as an “out of network” provider. If you have a health/medical savings account, payment for fees and prescriptions may be tax deductible.

Naturopathic services are often paid out-of-pocket in the state of N.H.- please consider the value of investing into your present and future health and well-being. Improved health means fewer days missed from work due to illness, and increased ability and satisfaction to participate fully in one’s life.

Dr. Rivard will make every effort to work together with your primary care doctor as part of your streamlined healthcare team, which may reduce your overall out-of-pocket costs.

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